The use of tailored digital solutions in a collaborative working environment, both within teams and between companies and service providers and their customers, is an important success factor for modern businesses.

Customer dialog

The (digital) customer interface is an important factor in creating successful business models . The actual benefits offered by products or services, as well as ease of use and immediate availability of transactions via a web app accelerate the process of fulfillment and increase the customers trust in the business.
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Teamwork and Work v4.0

The web is the ideal platform for providing flexible, effective support to collaborative working, starting with process optimization and the removal of administrative overheads, through to self-organizing, effective work structures.

Example - Web-Application
Example - Web-Application

Leaving the bounds of control-oriented industrial structures behind knowledge work and colaborative work is based on self-defined processes and dialogs on equal footing.
This only functions effectively, however, when the application in question is tailored precisely to suit he requirements and processes of the relevant business.

We are developing online tools
  • trustful and effective dialogs between customer and provider
  • efficient colaborative work in teams
  • building innovative business models

which are tailored precisily to the needs of our clients.

Build or buy?

When faced with a development projects, many customers start by asking themselves the question whether there is a suitable solution anywhere in the market?

Answering this question requires both a solid understanding of the sector-specific software market as well as detailed requirements and scoping.
A first step, therefore, is a requirements analysis and market research based on the results of the analysis. If suitable COTS software products can be found, these must be checked for their configurability and maintainability, taking into account a possible migration of any existing solutions over to the new product.

Key criteria for establishing the suitability of a solution include process and functional coverage, availability, configurability, capital costs and ongoing expenses, flexibility and legal considerations.